NDA’s & Confidentiality Concerns

Many idea people are nervous about sharing their ideas and concepts with other people, fearful they may be copied or stolen.  This is completely understandable and occasionally, in some industries, this does occur.

I am of the mindset that you must have faith and trust your gut if you have truly decided to pursue your dreams. Because I work with many different inventors and entrepreneurs, I am not able to sign non-disclosure or exclusivity agreements. I will tell you from the beginning if there is a conflict of interest with another project, and you can see on my website who my other clients are.

A big part of how my business helps you is that I can share what’s working and not working with all my clients so we can all get better.

I don’t use names (unless I have your permission). You benefit by learning about the experiences of hundreds of companies and Moms in business but you only need to work with one person. One stop shopping. It works. I promise. Happy to send you to my clients to ask if you are unsure.