The Tunnel VS The Cocoon – Why is my husband buggin me SO much?


Are you done growing people in your belly?

Are you disappointed in the person your husband became while you were?

Do you wish there was more excitement and adventure in your marriage? Does it seem dry and routine?

That’s why I made this video! (Plus I was up to my eyeballs in Girl Scout Cookies!)  I felt that too once upon a time.  I’m finding more and more of my clients are going through this same exact thing and I’m noticing some things in common.

  1. You  have changed tremendously. He likely did not. Men are very simple and like routine. They were waiting or you to come back to them. To be the woman they married. Not a Momster.
  2. You are rediscovering yourself now as a Mom. He loves being a Dad but it doesn’t really change how he organizes the garage. He is who he is. Being a Mom has drastically changed the root of how you see the world.
  3. You want to begin to live again, you feel a bit entitled to some time and grace to get your life back. He didn’t know it was ever gone.

Our husbands often hang on through all the emotional, physical and spiritual stress of us becoming a Mom. The first few years, when babies are young, we are still in recovery. Then either we get pregnant again or we decide we are done and begin to analyze what’s next. Please do your family, your marriage and your future a favor and don’t do this alone. Talk openly and honestly with your husband about what you are going through and value all the work he did while waiting to get his wife back. Communication is SO key at this intersection of your Mom Life Crisis!

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Hope this helps your perspective and conversations!

Love & Serve!

Mama Mindee