If you are a juggling and overwhelmed working Mama, consider this for me and for your family and for saving the world and all that jazz:

There is most certainly a natural order of things.

For thousands of years, in our DNA, in our Mothers and Grandmothers, perpetually and so on. Moms are the only ones that can be Moms.

I refuse to entertain any other dysfunctional thought on that topic anymore. I tried once. It backfired all over my kitchen floor in the form of a total rock bottom broken home. Mothering is and always will be required for a happy, healthy home.  A Mothers love and instinct is ferociously needed for the potential of every family unit to be met. No exceptions. You, sweet Mama, try as you think you should with all your might, will most certainly never ever be the one Mom in the history mommying, to break the mold and change the game of life. Sorry to burst your hubba bubble dear soul if you were hoping that eventually you could make your work outside your home more important than your work in your home. Ain’t going to happen. It’s built in. From the beginning of time kind of stuff.



Accepting that being a Mom is the most important thing you are ever given the opportunity to do with your life is the biggest step you can make to enjoyment and fulfillment in the messy, exhausting magic of it all. This is definitely where I had to start. #humblepie.



It’s true, you are naturally meant to be where you are. You cannot change that. It may feel wrong and weird and like you are supposed to know how to do it better if its meant for you but those are lies. You are the Mom because God wants you to be. You can improvise and substitute a Dad or a Babysitter or a Grandma from time to time but there will always be a natural consequence to be reckoned with when you do. Plan for it. If you are often absent from big family events, distracted when you are supposed to be listening, or always the first one to break a hug with you kids to get back to doing and moving… then expect your children will face emotional, spiritual and developmental consequences for that.  They will have lots of these anyways because life is hard, people are mean and we cant live on chocolate all day BUT there will be harder more uphill days if Mama is not there find our socks and brush our hair through it all. And, this void for them will be hard on you too. This is where the natural order of life and traditions and old fashioned goodness comes into play.  mom-power

Kids need Moms. Moms need kids. One is incomplete and longing without the other.  Like Taco and Tuesday, Mini and Van, Pina and Colada.

Even homes that want and can’t have a Mom living in them seek a Mothers kind of lovin somewhere, somehow in their existence.
So….here is the thing….if you have chosen to “work” outside the calling of your home (as I did and still do) you absolutely must anticipate the power play of nature that creates. It does not remove the necessity of your youness for your families complete peace, wholeness and joy.
You are irreplaceable. Say it twice out loud.
If you think someone else can just step into your shoes while you slip on your heels and go to work 9 hours a day, or focus on work or wonder about working while you are supposed to be mothering, you will constantly feel guilt, anger, frustration and a lack of fulfillment in both your home AND your work dreams.

Because the TRUTH IS THIS =  Work will wait for you to Mother.  Mothering will not wait for you to work. It is not in Gods design. You were created to nurture and grow life and a happy home, not spreadsheets and pennies. Your shoes in your home cannot be filled.

My advice to you if you are a dear sweet drowning supermom is that you consider first tossing up the white flag. Embracing the nature and needs of your role for your family. Accepting that even though you went to school for 18 years and have a closet full of sassy dresses that you fit into again finally – you are now Mom first. Not boss lady.  Try waking every day to a new thought; “Thank You Lord, that I am non negotiable for my families health and smiles. Thank you Jesus that I get to love them. Thank you that I am 100% the one and only Mom that ever gets to be fully my children’s Mother. I won’t let you down!”
Second – Work to work through it all. Yes, you can work and still keep your family a priority. You can even work 40 hours a week and make the money your family needs to thrive and survive and grow and love life and still put your mothering first.  Fill each day to it’s capacity. Start by rising to the task of making lunches, reviewing schedules, planning meals and hugging the worlds hate and sadness out of your children’s hearts like only your Mama bear hugs and listening ears ever can. Start there each and every day, make that your goal. If your kids are sick, make them your priority. If there is a concert to be at, be there. If there is a conversation to finish at 10PM and you need to be in the office by 7AM the next morning – finish it and then…then…then…. watch God work for you in ways you never imagined he would. He will make all your dreams come true as a woman, a mom, a boss, an employee and a wife because you are living out his dreams for you first – raising up good, wonderful people. When you chose to love all you have inside your home best and most, only then will your other callings in life go anywhere worth going.

Start with Mom.
Make that enough.
It most certainly is.


❤️ Mama Mindee