GAS: A 10 Second Thought to Fuel a Tired Mom

Image result for tired momEvery Mom hits a wall from time to time. We feel we are truly on empty. Nothing left to give.

In some seasons of Mothering, this can happen more than once a day. Regardless of our situation, work status, kids ages, marital condition or pant size, we just all feel overwhelmed sometimes to the point of dizziness, hiding in the closet, utter confusion and crocodile tears. Truly paralyzed and not sure what to do next to take a step forward. We begin to shutdown.

Last summer as I was preparing for a talk at our church summer camp, I stumbled on a solution to these moments that’s been working wonders for me. A series of thoughts that continues to carry me through some dark moments and mountains of mayhem as a Mom, wife and business owner.


Not the tooty fruity stinky kind (although it adds a giggle to the message to speak of it as such). GAS in the form of energy, fuel and momentum to keep going. To help us get up off the floor, step away from the pity party and do the next right thing. Hopefully, even resume some resemblance of sanity, goodness and faith in the process of it all as well.





I discovered GAS while sifting through a verse in the Bible about what to do when we don’t understand what’s happening to us and how to trust Gods will through that. Proverbs 3:5-6 if you would like to search it out. A a Christian Mom, I am often seeking help from Gods word in moments I feel stuck and am not really sure what decision to make in my marriage, mothering or business. When I feel out of options, or none of them seem good, I’m tempted to just stay stuck, or worse, just do it my way based on feelings, not fact.  After my GAS revelation and the many months I have been putting this 10 second series of thoughts  to the test. It helps me see that God never wants to leave us in a state of confusion and always has something for us to do next that will bring us some love, comfort and energy.

GAS is how we get there. When you are just D.O.N.E. At the end of your rope, boarding the crazy train. You feel hopeless, angry, overcome with fear, worry or sadness. Take a deep breath and walk yourself through the GAS station.

First, GRATITUDE: Think of 3 things you are grateful for. Even if you have slept less than 8 hours in 3 days, you feel like a milk machine, unappreciated taxi driver or slave in your own home – there is still something to be grateful for. If you have made no sales this month in your business and had no date nights this month with your hubby, there is still something to be grateful for. Something as small as clothes on your back, a recent pedicure, a text from a friend, a healthy kid or that your dishwasher works. Maybe there is an event on the calendar you are looking forward to, the cleaning ladies are coming next week or bacon was on sale today. Think on anything lovely and good that you appreciate about your life. There is ALWAYS something.

Next, ATTITUDE: Make a conscious choice to have a new attitude. Chose joy. Chose to overcome. Chose not to let the struggle of the moment make you forget what you want most. Close your mind to the trial and chose triumph. Chose to see your glass as half full. Remember all those inspirational memes you liked scrolling through your Instagram feed in the bathroom that morning. You CAN do all things. We DO become what we focus on. Moms ARE a gift to the world. Mothering IS the best thing I can do with my life. I CAN run my home and my business like a BOSS. Psych yourself back up and into a positive can-do attitude.

Lastly, SERVITUDE: This does not mean you need to start preparring a 3 course meal for your family, volunteer to head the school carnival or knit a scarf. This is a simple, small, task that is 100% for someone else. Yes, by all means if you want to start folding laundry, go for it. I usually start with a text to a friend, my Mom or my husband, telling them I love and appreciate them. Maybe it’s running to the store for an after school treat for your kids. Maybe it’s writing a blog post about something you are passionate about. Pick up a piece of litter in the school parking lot, let the guy behind you go first, buy someones coffee, put a dollar in the tip jar, comment happy words on a friends Facebook share, smile at a stranger. It can be big or small, just do something positive, unselfish and kind to remind yourself you still have power within you. You are light to the world and make a difference to many.

Usually by the time I get to the attitude part of GAS, I already feels tons better. Not always though. Last week I had to pull into my GAS station 3 times in one day just to get much of anything done. I was so depleted and emotionally spent. It was hard. But, every time I did, I felt just enough energy to move to the next thing in my day without regret and a fresh perspective.

Tuck this little trick away, Mamas. The many hats you wear require so much fuel and you are such a mighty force for your family, your work, your friends and community. Never hesitate to take a pause and fill up on what you need to stay in control, feeling loved and capable for your very best potential in and out of your home. The journey is long, all roads can lead to love and fulfillment when you drive your thoughts into the GAS station instead of letting them drive you crazy!

Gratitude – Attitude – Servitude – ONWARD!


Mama Mindee