Leave the Limbo at the Party – Keep the bar set high in parenting!

Spoken in my house this week: “Well, wonderful, when you have kids, you can let them eat candy all day long, right now, I’m the Mom go get an apple” “Sorry sharing makes you mad, when you move out and get a roommate make sure you put that on the ad. In our house we share.” “We {Read More…}

The Day I Hit The Mommy Brain Motherload

Some of my “Mommy Brain” moments over the years have been noteworthy.  Wearing two different shoes AND two different socks, wearing no shoes, packing a wine cooler in a kids lunch, forgetting to put a bra on for a rather important meeting, orange juice on cereal, acne cream on my toothbrush, realizing a kid has not {Read More…}

Soothie Suckers

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My Precious Kid

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