DEAR SUPERMOM WANNABE: If you are a juggling and overwhelmed working Mama, consider this for me and for your family and for saving the world and all that jazz: There is most certainly a natural order of things. For thousands of years, in our DNA, in our Mothers and Grandmothers, perpetually and so on. Moms are the {Read More…}


When your child wants to talk about sex (or you think it’s time to) … the first step is to remember they are a child. Sexual decisions are for grownups to make. Did you want to know at 10 what you knew at 40? Would you have liked to know the intimate choices you had at {Read More…}

What Does God Really Think About My Vacation?

Gazing at this baby blue sky and these perfect palm trees over an indulgent brunch, I think maybe I have arrived at some contentment and understanding over Gods perspective on my aroma of coconut and lime.  I think. I have been wrestling a lot lately with this topic.  God vs Pleasure. Otherwise know as self-serving, enjoyment, relaxation and {Read More…}


MAMAS! If your kid has ever said something to you or about you that you would not like shared with people around the world then it’s time to stop posting ANYTHING about them on social media without their permission. Yes. Yes it is. Go ahead, argue, rationalize, discuss current trends, food groups, age appropriateness and {Read More…}

This House Is Mine – What my Table Taught me about Being a StepMom

I’m a Mom and a StepMom and my big blended family moved a few months ago. Before we even found our little slice of heaven, I began looking for my new four legged friend, not the kind that barks, but yes, one that bites. Well…one that we would take bites at anyway. A Table. The {Read More…}

On National Stepfamily Day – A Plea from Stepmoms

Dearest Teachers, Friends, Nurses, Librarians, Pastors, Coaches, Politicians, Waiters and otherwise wonderful people who play, endure, experience and get to know our families: We are stepmoms (not the evil kind) and we would like your ear for just a quick moment please. We need you, but mostly, our children need you. See here’s the elephant in the room when we {Read More…}

Ladybugs, People & God

One day, in a room not far from my own, there was a kid God gave me to grow trying to understand life. There were some tears and really good questions about meaning and God and how he does what he does the way that he does it. How could he know every hair on my {Read More…}

For Mothers Who Want to Love Mothering More

I posted this 7 years ago and waited. Still neglecting the 3YO covered in trans fat in the middle of my dusty kitchen floor. I waited and watched the screen. I watched her, the screen, her and waited. Pausing in the shame of how long I left my toddler unsupervised so I could trade today’s {Read More…}

How Our Elf Saved Christmas

Meet Tabitha. To the human eye, she looks like all the other shelf wearing elves that have visited our home in years gone by. Our kids however, have discovered that she is like NO other elf we have ever sillyfied with! Tabitha is top notch! She’s been trained by the man, the myth, the legend {Read More…}