5 Simple Ways to Better Co-Parenting Days

I continue to be baffled at the way some people treat their children’s “other” parent.  As if they only love half of their child and not the “other” parents half.  As if children can be split in half and remain healthy and whole.  Parental alienation is such a damaging thing with lifelong effects. There are songs about {Read More…}

The Tunnel VS The Cocoon – Why is my husband buggin me SO much?

NEWS ABOUT WHATS GOING ON IN YOUR MARRIAGE! Are you done growing people in your belly? Are you disappointed in the person your husband became while you were? Do you wish there was more excitement and adventure in your marriage? Does it seem dry and routine? That’s why I made this video! (Plus I was up {Read More…}

This House Is Mine – What my Table Taught me about Being a StepMom

I’m a Mom and a StepMom and my big blended family moved a few months ago. Before we even found our little slice of heaven, I began looking for my new four legged friend, not the kind that barks, but yes, one that bites. Well…one that we would take bites at anyway. A Table. The {Read More…}

On National Stepfamily Day – A Plea from Stepmoms

Dearest Teachers, Friends, Nurses, Librarians, Pastors, Coaches, Politicians, Waiters and otherwise wonderful people who play, endure, experience and get to know our families: We are stepmoms (not the evil kind) and we would like your ear for just a quick moment please. We need you, but mostly, our children need you. See here’s the elephant in the room when we {Read More…}

Enough Already!

This is pitiful and sad and I’m tattling about it all. I don’t tattle often because 1) I teach my children not to and 2) the mere act of tattling brings more attention to the situation in the first place. However, in this peachy little problem, I’ve consulted the jury in my head, heart and soul {Read More…}

How Our Elf Saved Christmas

Meet Tabitha. To the human eye, she looks like all the other shelf wearing elves that have visited our home in years gone by. Our kids however, have discovered that she is like NO other elf we have ever sillyfied with! Tabitha is top notch! She’s been trained by the man, the myth, the legend {Read More…}

Step Up Your Holiday Co-Parenting! YES YOU CAN STEPMOMS!

GOOD: My kidlets will get to see both my hubby and I AND their Dad and StepMom on BOTH Thanksgiving Day AND Christmas Day this year. BETTER: They are super excited about that and all the celebrations they will get to have with extra helpings of mashed potatoes, presents and pie. I am excited for them too. {Read More…}

Spending the Summer Away: $22.14 Rich

Just dropped the last of my litter off at school to start a new year. Checked my consulting business bank account for the first time in a few weeks. $22.14. Eek. I made more in a month last school year than I did the entire summer. Eek. Eek. Hmmm…. My heart started to sink and {Read More…}

Feeling at Home. Divorce is Hard

Just dropped my heaven sent kiddos back at their Moms after 10 amazing days of us all together. Doing some reflecting this morning and settling back into our groove. It was one of the longest stretches we have had all together and a lot of things shifted for us all in it. I was so {Read More…}