Storytime: Kickstarter Lessons and Successes


A few things I have learned from my clients and their struggles, successes and lessons running Kickstarter Campaigns.

– Be honest and transparent with where you are in the business
– Make sure you fill the needs of your crowdfunding supporters before anything else.
– Get a provisional patent at a minimum if you have a very technical product or unique design.
– You need more than you think you do! Aim High!
– You need more time than you think you do! Aim Far!
– PR is critical! Find your target audience and ask them for support, if they say NO – ASK WHY!
– Capture data on your website from your supporters.
– Slow Down!
– Hire help only for what you are not good at. Do the rest yourself.
– Have lots of options for ways to invest.
– TELL YOUR STORY! People want to invest your you and your dreams even more than the thingie you make.

Happy to help you – better yet – go find a successful campaign that ran similar to yours, find the owners and ask them for help! The answer is always NO unless you ask.
Peace and Be Well and Dream Big
Mama Mindee