SALES TIP!: Where Should You be Selling your Product or Service?

All sales channels are not created equal. Each have different risks, rewards, time and dollar commitments. In our first Tuesday Chooseday LIVE (ekk) video I share the 7 sales channels every entrepreneur should be aware of. With my Mom hat on too (because thats what I do) I evaluate them for the money commitment, time commitment and people commitment. Three of them will work well for a service based business and all are great for an invention.

1. Mass Retail
2. Small Retail
3. Trade Shows
6. Clones
7. As Seen On

Hope it helps you make those tough choices. Remember EVERYTHING comes with an opportunity cost. Chose where to start for your cash flow needs and time commitment and work backwards from there into where you would like your business to be in 5 years. Remember the Turtles! (watch the video) #useyournoggin

Love & Serve!
Mama Mindee