Keynote Speaker for Moms in Business


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I’m so humbled that Julie invited me to be the keynote speaker for her favorite group of Moms at the Business Among Moms Annual Success Summit this May! She asked me what the number one thing was I find myself coaching my clients on these day.

Definitely the “B” word.  We both laughed at how we kind of wish we could create a new word about “balance” because it seems to have such a bad wrap these days…but really it is SO important and SO hard to get right.

After 18 years as an Entrepreneur in seasons of way to much work and then way to much Mom (yes there is such a thing for us working Mom types) I truly believe I have finally found my peaceful fulfilled place in Mothering and Working. I excited to share what brought me here, tips for how I stay in my joy every day and present some questions other Moms can ask themselves to help find their sweet spot too = where the porridge is juuuuust right in the working Mom juggle!

Here is a link to tickets. 

And GUESS WHAT? They have a virtual ticket too!  Thats super exciting to me that I can talk and share with those of you that don’t live in the Bellevue area.


Thank you again Julie and the BAM team! What a wonderful time we are going to have!

Love & Serve!