How to Give to Get More Sales


Sales do not happen by luck. No matter what type of product or service you have. You must entice your customers with something sweet, simple and free to remember you “buy.”


You can make your own stickers with your logos and buy things in small amounts to suit ANY budget! Promotions and giveaways should be in EVERY marketing plan at some level. At Boogie Wipes, we gave away millions of small samples to get people trying them. In the marketplace we live in that is very computer/screen focuses, something tangible that sits on a persons desk or in their car or a drawer, maybe even with a coupon attached to it, is a huge reminder of your brand. I read somewhere that a consumer needs to see a new product a minimum of 3 times before they will recall it when a particular problem occurs and they need a solution. Keep up with your posts, blogging, and look for ways to do giveaways, secure emails and likes so you can continuously be reaching back out to them with reminders of your selling points.


AND GIVE YOURSELF TIME! Growing too fast is not a good thing. Everyone starts at zero, the more solid your consumers interest and attention the better chance you can transition them into a sale!

Happy Giving!