Closet Talk: The Most Important Habit of a Happy Mompreneur

All women speak closet.

We completely understand the excitement of an organized, fresh, clean, coordinated closet. What a drastically marvelous moment it is when the single pull of a drawer handle reveals exactly the socks we are looking for, matched, clean and smiling at us.

What if you thought of your life as a closet this year?

Just like a closet has only so much space, your life has only so much capacity. When it comes to setting goals for the year, recognizing these limitations will go a long way in making your dreams come true in 2018. Despite what you may be seeing in your tweets and feeds, hustling more and putting more in your closet is not the way to succeed.

Hustling harder in 2018, spending more, working more, doing more will not create more hours in your day or resources in your heart and mind.

I actually despise the hustle mentality that so many entrepreneurs brag over today. It only leads to burnout and performance based fulfillment.  It leaves you with a complete lack of peace and presence in your life and you miss so much happening in front of you. Just like when you constantly add to your closet, shoving stuff in any drawer or empty spot available only makes it messy and stressful if/when you decide to get dressed for the day… constantly adding more to your life will only make a stressful mess of it too. You will not be clothed in strength and dignity heading into your future if the things most important to you are constantly buried under piles of time consuming to do’s.


A workout plan, a moms group, working more, more volunteering, more sales, more church, more homemade, more time with your husband, more coffee with friends, raising more money for your business, more meal planning, more hobbies…

NO – No more of anything, even the good stuff  (like most of that is) is not the key to your joy this year

–  self control is where you will find your best chance at Mompreneur happiness.

I’ve been coaching Moms in Business for 8 years now. The happy ones with happy homes AND growing businesses do NOT do it all. They say no. They make a habit of it in fact. No is their first response to just about everything. They have tremendous self control and decision making skills. They are well aware of what they want for their children, business, faith, marriages, health and home and they do not compromise their integrity and character for every shiny ball or possibility that comes their way. They have highly defined goals and priorities for why they are running their own business, how much money they need (not want) to make, how many hours they will work and where their boundaries are between work and mothering. They know their limitations. They say “No” much more often than they say “Yes.” When they do say “Yes” to a new project, idea, business, tradeshow or social media campaign they know exactly where the time, money and energy will be drawn from to execute on it. They realize they have limitations. They understand doing a little bit of everything at 50% will never create they life they dream of like doing what’s most important to them at 100%.

Before they agree to put something new in their closet, they first take something out. They are constantly measuring the treasures of their heart against how they spend the time in their day. They protect what they have built.

My own story from Boogie Wipes is so reflective of what happens when we try to live outside our limitations – overspending, overworking, overcompensating, over-promising and in turn feeling constantly overwhelmed. I wish I had better self control back then. Better boundaries. I wish I said no to working on weekends, said no to another credit card, no to another new pair of shoes, said no to answering the phone when I was out with my husband, said no to more attention for myself and yes to peace in my home and mothering. Perhaps I would not have ended up on the outside of my life looking in at it all – lost and alone.

As you start out 2018, I would urge you to rethink the closet of your life. Let this holiday break from your usual routine serve as a reset for your limitations. Start as you mean to go when you begin again. Outline what’s most important to you, in order, and align it with your available resources. Say no to the projects, relationships and distractions that are keeping you from things in your closet that need your attention.  Make the simple resolution for more self control in the new year. Make it a habit to protect what you have built. Say no to work after you pick the kids up from school. Saying no to the housework when it’s your scheduled time to be working. Say no to Facebook when it’s time to snuggle and talk with your husband. Say no to homemade meals every night if you are going to volunteer at school.

Its not a matter of whats “right” or “wrong” for a working Mom, it’s about protecting what’s most important to you and not compromising it for more.

Understand your wants, needs and limits and set up your day with the choices you have made to live within them. Make a habit this year of understanding who you are, why you do what you do and saying no to anything that clutters up the happy closet of life. If you want to try something new this year – go into your closet, take something out and enjoy the peace of knowing you did so without sacrificing the greatest desires of your heart.

Love & Serve – Happy You Year!

You are made for this!


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