15 Things That MUST be on Your Package to Get into Retailers


Don’t be that inventor! The one that pours in blood, sweat, tears, sleep,hours, thousands and then fills their garage with 10,000 packages of a product retailers won’t take because it doesn’t meet their requirements!

Here are the 16 Questions your Package MUST answer!

1. What brand is this made By? (Brand Equity, Logo Recognition)

2. What is it? (Tagline, simple & fun)

3. Who should use it? (Ages, Types of People)

4. Where should they use this at? (kitchen sink or ears?)

5. How many are in this package? (or how full is it?)

6. How big/small/heavy are they each? (15 wipes, 8 fl oz)

7. Where can I take it? (in the car, work, home etc..)

8. What country and company manufactured these? (IMPORTANT -Read HERE)

9. What’s in it?  (ingredients/materials)

10. What’s not in it? (BPA FREE, Alcohol Free, No Parabens etc…)

11. Can every retailer scan it? (GS1 vs the rest for Bar-codes)

12. Does it help the earth? (flush able, recyclable etc..)

13. Are there any hazards? ( Keep away from eyes, CPSIA approved?)

14: Why should I love you? (Your story, your heart, your inspiration!)

15: How can I thank you? (Contact Info)

16: I forgot this one – Merchandising is also important, how will it sit or hang on the shelf for display. This should be in your retail presentation too. A picture is best, go into the store, put your product on the shelf and take a picture. Yes. I’m serious.

Happy Packaging! I believe in you! Email me if you need help! $75/one hour package review and marketing messages! mindee@juiceboxconsulting.com

Love & Serve!