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Loacker Power Mom Summit


Disney Social Media Moms Review of Keynote Mompreneur – Use Your Words

“Yes, Mindee got real. Like tears-pouring-down-my-face real. She made all of us face the simple truth that we have to accept who we are. Now. There’s no going back. And being a mom is h-a-r-d. But the only way to truly thrive as a mom, is to dig in and do it. To embrace ourselves and our strengths. To empower our families, friends, and support network to help us — without worrying about if they do it “right”. To expect that good things will happen, even if we work smarter and take time to really focus on family. While I have three pages of notes, I’ll simply share a few things Mindee said as food for thought for you. Picture a beautiful, energetic, heartfelt woman, if you will…
1. We go. We do. We pack. We buckle. We organize. We clean up… But we also witness discovery. Fascination. Whimsical glee. Tenderness. Caring. Compassion. Growth. Newness. Transitions. It all works together 2. There are endless things a mom has to do. We can’t all be supermom at everything, we can choose the areas where we WILL be a supermom. 3. While your kids do need you, find the moments they’re really just being lazy. Empower them to try more. 4. Start as you mean to go. People’s expectations of how you work/volunteer/etc are your own fault.”


    •  Is your Idea a GOOD Idea? Idea Valuation
    •  How to FIND and ENGAGE your Consumers
    •  Are you Retail Ready? (What retailers are looking for from you)
    •  From Concept to Cart (Initial steps to take in business development)
    •  How to protect yourself in a Business Partnership (What to know before its to late!)
    • WOM WHAM! (Word of Mouth Marketing, Grass Roots Gets it Done)
  • Moms who Have “It All” don’t have it all at Once (The quest for Balance)
  • Calm Chaos in Business and Life (How Moms keep calm in disorder and uncertainty)
  • Planning for Success (How to prevent the hamster wheel of worry through planning)
  • Get Your Own Juice Box (Take Care of yourself, Empower others to do the SAME!)
  • STAY in the Journey (How to be TRULY present in every moment)

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Mindee Hardin:  Mompreneur, Inventor of Boogie Wipes®, Author, Speaker and Coach for Mom Inventors.

Mindee is the owner of Juicebox Consulting where she helps Mom inventors through the joys and trials of bringing their ideas to life while they juggle the heart tugs and demands of a family.  She has been an entrepreneur for 12 years and most widely known for her success as the inventor of  Boogie Wipes, saline wipes for kids stuffy noses. After taking on a business partner, investor and 12 employees, her idea hit $15 Million in sales in 2011 and was acquired shortly after by Nehemiah Manufacturing.  Mindee has been featured on the Today Show, The Big Idea, Good Morning America, Fox News and in People Magazine, The NY Times, Entrepreneur.com, Inc and Forbes.  Recently, she was the keynote speaker for the Disney Moms Social Media Conference and Entrepreneur Uprising. In 2014, she earned the Spirit of Entrepreneurship award for her work with Oregon youth through the Young Entrepreneurs Academy.  She was a featured as an Entrepreneur  of the Year at the Oregon Entrepreneur Summit, in August, 2016 and speaks regularly to MBA classes, Moms groups and Entrepreneur clubs. Mindee’s first book, Boogie Wiped, trailing the lessons she’s learned in business in motherhood, released summer 2015.  Her husband, Scott, is in his 22nd  year at Intel and together they revel in the blended family blessings of coaching, scouting, feeding, growing and taxi cabbing their 6 kids through one adventure to the next.