What is Juicebox Moms?

Hi, my name is Mindee Hardin (Doney). I’m a Mom of 6 smile makers (blended style) and the inventor of Boogie Wipes, saline wipes for kids noses.  I started Juicebox Moms in 2011 to offer “Juicy Grab & Go Goodness for Moms in Business.”   I’m an eternal optimist, not a good cook, creative to a fault,  love to go for a run, hate dusting and adore God tremendously.  I’m so grateful for all he has taught me in my trials and triumphs to create this business and help other Moms. I start each and everyday by reading his word and thanking him – then kid kisses, coffee and Facebook. Exactly in that order (unless its one of those quirky special mornings where I get quiet coffee with my hubby before the kid kisses. heaven)  Mom noise makes me happy. Silence makes me grateful. Dreams make me proud. And the fact your still reading this makes me super duper EXCITED for you!

My Story: 2016 Oregon Entrepreneurs Annual Summit

If you answer yes to any of the questions below, you’re definitely in the right place:

– Are you a Mom with a business idea, plan or invention?
– Do you need specific, detailed business advice on how to get started or grow sales?
– Are you struggling to balance the demands of your business and peace when you are with your family?
– Are you seeking a better way of working and organizing your time?
– Are you unsure of the best way to make your business profitable?
– Do you need help creating a successful business partnership?
– Do you need help raising capital for your idea?
-Do you need help getting into the retail stores or manufacturing help?



Why Work With Me?

1. Experience

I am one of the few consultants out there that has actually done most of what many entrepreneurs are trying to do.  Add in that I have worked with over 300 other Moms (and a few Dads) in business in the last few years and you will see that I truly understand the entire process – from idea to execution to exit, all while HAPPILY wearing your mom hat too. I can direct you to people with the specific skill sets you need to compliment what you are good at and give you tools to grow a business that truly betters your life, not just your pocketbook, your glory and your closet – but your legacy and your livelihood! 

For the first 10 years of my career I also worked for corporate giants like Procter & Gamble, Coldstone Creamery, McDonalds Corporation and Nike. This time of “learning the ropes” was incredibly fulfilling and rewarding for me and helps me help you make your business more than just a little “hobby.” 

2. I’m Affordable

I offer three inexpensive options starting at just $75/hour.  It’s truly Grab & Go Help. No long term commitments, no fancy packages or commissions. Call when you need me and we take a break when you don’t.  Hours carry over month to month and can be used for email and project work as well. 

3. I LOVE what I do and believe you can too! 

I not only offer solid, proven business advice and strategies, but plenty of inspiration and tips to keep your heart and family in a good healthy place as a Mom. Working from home and running a business with the work and heart of a Mom, is a tricky task to do well. It takes lots of check-ins with yourself and your maker to keep what you love and what matters most front and center. It can be done! I can prove it. We can prove it together!

The Story of My Own Million Dollar Idea

Boogie Wipes - Mindee Hardin - Juicebox Consulting - juiceboxconsulting.comIn 2002, shortly after becoming a Mom, I took the leap and started spending my own money (and my own borrowed money) on my own dreams. I became an Entrepreneur, a Mompreneur, my own boss lady. I produced a trade show for Women in the NW. I watched hundreds of small businesses buy booth space and try to sell their concepts, trinkets and services. It was fascinating. In 2006, I sold my tradeshow business and led another idea. A saline nose wipe I developed while caring for my kids stuffy noses. I called it a Boogie Wipe®.I founded Little Busy Bodies, Inc, with a friend of mine. We set off together to make Boogie Wipes a household name. We did it! In 2011 the company we started sold just under 15 Million Units of Boogie Wipes! Wow that’s a lot of runny noses. Little Busy Bodies was acquired in the spring of 2012 by Nehemiah Manufacturing in Cincinnati (the same company that owns Pampers Kandoo Wipes). They are an incredibly purpose driven company with a mission for improving the lives of families in their community. I’m so thrilled my idea found a home with such a heart centered company that gives back!

HERE ‘S THE JUICY PART: My success story took a downward turn when I actually ended up with NO financial security in the sale of Boogie Wipes.  I didn’t receive anything in the sale of the business. I was sad and shocked to say the least. I had to file a bankruptcy to keep my family afloat. I was naive as to what can happen when you go from start up to millions in a partnership, work with investors, sign over patents, try to scale mass retail AND juggle the emotional and physical demands of motherhood.  Now, 5 years later I’m taking those troublesome times and lessons learned with me into better brighter days! I share with my clients what worked and what didn’t work for me!

I have a new product idea moving into production this summer and my first book Boogie Wiped came out in August, 2015. Click Here if you would like to learn more about it.

Boogie Wiped - The Story of My Mom Life Crisis

Boogie Wiped – The Story of My Mom Life Crisis

I believe you can have it all ladies….not all at once but eventually all together, without regrets. You can pursue your ideas and be present for your family and be excited to rise and shine each and every day the Lord has made YOU for. Your life as a Mompreneur will not be without trials and setbacks, tantrums and troubles but you can move through them quick and wise when you call on a few key things to show you the way. Call on me and I can help – step by step, one school drop off, retailer presentation, date night, devotion and board meeting at a time. Your most fulfilling days are waiting for you!  Let’s go get them! #bettertogether



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